Abortion Pill


A woman’s body is engulfed with lot of intricacies yet beautiful that overwhelms human thinking. From menstrual cycle to giving birth, women undergo a lot of physiological changes throughout their life. Motherhood is something every woman are proud of which gives immense joy. Enduring emotional and physical changes, there’s no doubt that every woman on earth is a warrior.

Often one can experience a moment when it’s not the right time to be a mother owing to various situations. A woman is entitled to her bodily autonomy and should decide on her own what is best for her. This leads to taking the way of medical abortion. In some cases, everything goes well and the process ends smoothly, but in some cases doubt arises midway.  A lot of emotions flood through one’s mind and women refrain from abortion after starting the abortion process. Are you facing the same problem or are flooded with doubts. Many women would think IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO SO? The answer is YES. Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) has been practiced since years and success rate is pretty high.


Effects of abortion pill can be reversed but time is a vital factor. Here is complete information on what you should know before going for an Abortion Pill Reversal.


Abortion is of two types, surgical and medical. Once you have decided to undergo an abortion, the first thing one should do is consult a registered medical practitioner who will guide you properly and clear all your doubts related to abortion.

A medical abortion is a process wherein one can terminate the pregnancy with the help of medication after due consultation with a registered doctor. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two medicines that help in terminating the pregnancy. Both these medicines are available online and offline at affordable prices.

Mifepristone blocks the natural hormone in a woman’s body called progesterone, also called the pregnancy hormone. If the pregnancy needs to be continued, the body needs progesterone. It thickens the uterus lining and helps the pregnancy to grow. By blocking progesterone, it becomes difficult for the body to keep the fertilized egg intact. After 24 to 48 hours, you need to take Misoprostol which leads to cramping, contractions and heavy bleeding in the body leading to expulsion of the pregnancy from the body. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol are clinically proven medicines. Studies have shown the efficacy of the medications which can be used for a safe abortion in a healthy environment without any severe complications. 


Being a parent is an overwhelming moment in one’s life. One should not feel any guilt as the ultimate thing is to keep your body healthy and mind happy. If one feels the urge of becoming a parent after taking the first dose, you have the option right in front of you. Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) is one of the methods that women need not fear. Once starting the treatment, the first and foremost fear most women would have regarding the side effects on their body. The same applies to APR. Many people may have doubts regarding reversal of abortion as the process may seem a risky one. There shouldn’t be any such fear about the same. Reversing an abortion is as safe as undergoing abortion provided you have the right support system and consultation of a doctor.

Time plays a crucial part in abortion reversal. Mifepristone starts acting on the body within 24 hours and that is when one should decide whether you need to go ahead with abortion or continue pregnancy. If one has planned to continue pregnancy, Misoprostol should be avoided as it terminates the pregnancy. In some cases, it is possible to continue pregnancy even after 72 hours but extending it too late is not advisable.

After the dose of Mifepristone, one should inform the doctor about the reversal decision within 24 hours. You will be advised to take a progesterone tablet to prevent any changes in the uterus. It will help to keep the body filled with progesterone and prevent from abortion.


The process is completely safe provided you decide to continue the pregnancy after the first dosage of Mifepristone. Mifepristone blocks the natural hormone and doesn’t have any serious side effects. This hormone can be flooded through the body by taking a progesterone tablet. Administration of Misoprostol will make you lose the pregnancy and thus reversal process depends on the timing. One should not make any delay about the reversal process soon after Mifepristone. Studies have shown that reversal process is a safe one and one need not worry fearing the side effects of it. Since progesterone is a natural hormone, the body will cope accordingly to continue the pregnancy.


Side effects differ from person to person depending on the body weight, age and other health factors. One should not worry about the side effects as most of them would be not severe. Mifepristone will have some common side effects like headache, nausea, dizziness, fever, stomach pain, diarrhoea which will fade away as the body will start adjusting to it after some days. Medical history should be shared with the doctor to avoid any complications. 

YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE Life throws unexpected surprises at us. Unwanted pregnancy can feel like a burden for couples or single women, but embrace the situation. Science has made it possible to rectify our decisions and Abortion Pill Reversal is the best example of it. Doing something that will make you happy is better than regretting some decisions in the future. There’s no need to doubt your decisions since only you have the right on your body. Consultation and proper timing are the key factors for an APR and fall in love with your inner being.