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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is also known as Impotence. It is a problem observed by men where they cannot get or keep a hard erection. In some situations the penis might get partly erect but not hard enough to perform the sexual act. In other cases,  there is no fullness or inflammation of the penis at all. Both cases can have a obvious effect on your sex life. 

If you are one observing the same issue then do not need to worry as ED is treatable and most commonly it can be solved temporarily with the help of ED medicines. Some treatments may also include changes in lifestyle, diet etc. Read on the blog for more.

How common is the ED issue in men? 

The result states that approx 1 in 10 (adult males) will observe ED after a certain age. Many men observe occasional problems to get an erection which can be due to various reasons, such as stress, tiredness, relationship issues, intake of too much alcohol, health issues, etc. If the issue of getting erection is less than 25% then it does not need any treatment. Some changes in lifestyle will bring you back on track. However if the issue of getting the erection is more than 30% then it means there is some problem and you need the treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction does not mean you will only suffer when you turn old, it can be observed at any age once you have hit puberty. It is also true that some older men can require more stimulation to get erection and perform intercourse.

What are the main causes of ED in men?

Erectile dysfunction can be provoked by a various factors that can be;

  1. Psychological issues: These are depression, stress, performance anxiety, lack of stimulus from the brain, etc.
  2. Neurological disorders:  Nerves which send signals to the penis can be damaged because of diabetes, stroke, or any other causes.
  3. Any kind of Trauma: Any injury that can lead to symptoms of ED
  4. Vascular disease: Because of vascular disease (atherosclerosis-thickening of the arteries) the blood supply to penis is narrowed or blocked.
  5. Intake of certain medications, peyronie’s disease, Chronic illness can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Operations for the bladder, prostate and colon cancer can also be the contributing sources.

What are the various treatments for ED?

Erectile Dysfunction has various treatments, including:

  • ED pills (such as Cenforce, Kamagra, Avana, Caverta, Vidalista)
  • Penile Injections
  • Intraurethral medication
  • Sex therapy 
  • Vacuum devices
  • Penile implant

Every treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you can talk to your medical expert as he can suggest the best treatment for you. First you need to find out the underlying cause so that you can go with the appropriate treatment.

What is the easiest and non-surgical treatment for male impotency?

Erection pills for men in usa:

Pills for ED such as Kamagra, Cenforce, Avana, Caverta, Vedalista, etc from our website may help you to overcome your erectile dysfunction. You can Buy ED pills online in USA from ZeepMedz. 

Men who intake medicines that have nitrates are recommended to avoid ED medicines as the contraindication of nitrates with ED drugs can lead to hypotension.

What are the manageable side effects of ED drugs?

Most men who take ED pills do not observe any kind of side effects. However some manageable side effects include; headache, blurred vision, indigestion, flushing, runny or stuffy nose, back pain, visual changes such as sensitivity to light or blue tinge to vision, etc.

Where to find online pharmacy shop for Ed pills in usa

If you are looking for Caverta ED pills then you have to be very careful while purchasing the ED pills online over the internet. Check if the online pharmacy is genuine and have all the details mentioned such as email, contact address, etc.

Make sure you buy the same pill which is prescribed by your medical expert and you get a proper prescription for it.

Once you place an order, check whether you have received the email containing your order details correctly.

Do not go for any alternative or herbal ED medicines that claim to be non-prescriptive or herbal as an alternative of oral ED medicine. They may contain any harmful substances which can lead to health complications.

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